Encaustic Painting

Kim Bruce - ScapeMy approach to painting is totally spontaneously, in the moment and unstructured. This way of working and being allows a steady stream of free flowing energy. I follow my instincts and emotions with each piece, thus creating a release and exchange of energy between the work and myself. In working this way, I remain open to new and stimulating events; often creating new processes in the wake.

There has always been an ecological aspect in my work, although I am not a landscape painter in the traditional sense. Living and working in the foothills of Alberta, and being on the edge of the wilderness; surrounded by the natural beauty and tranquility; is the catalyst that reveals the links between my internal and external landscape.

Kim Bruce- Traffic PatternsThese abstract landscapes convey spontaneity of line, the process of mark making coupled with the play of light and dark that only the oil / encaustic process can generate. All the nuances of the wax are brought alive by the oil, while the wax provides a unique surface to manipulate the paint. Neither medium alone will provide the effects of the two combined, collectively allowing the viewer to see into the painting. The loose definition of subject matter in combination with the intricacies within the work is entrancing; holding the eye and teasing the senses.

Woods - Triptych (sold)

Woods – Triptych (sold)

As my creative energy flows, so it is that my medium also has flow, merging the power of the oil / encaustic medium with my own ethereal energy. The nature of working with this process is one of immediacy, which thoroughly satisfies my desire to be spontaneous and unstructured