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Encaustic and oil on alpha matte and board with found objects and book pages. Each piece is approximately 7″h x 9″w x 1.5″d

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It is that time in ones art career to surrender the older work to make room for the new.

All these pieces are from the Open Book series. It’s the pivotal series that started me on the road to the use of books.

When I started the Open Book series the pieces focused on the center spine. A central vertical line has always been prevalent in my work and has to do with having “backbone”.

All work is ready to hang or frame if you wish. Artist signature and details are hand printed on the underside. Caring for this piece is simple dusting. Encaustic does not respond well to extreme fluctuations in temperature – Do not freeze or leave in a hot vehicle.



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100 Art

Book End, Brocade, Hold, Iron Cross, Open Book Vol 1, Open Book Vol 2, Rail, Through the Fire, Wedge, Wheel