Bound To


Bound To
Encaustic, chiffon, thread, hooks & eyes, brass nails on altered book
7″h x 4″w x 1.5″d



Bound To…

Constructed from a thick novel “Bound To” is just that “bound”, closed off, inaccessible, as is education to a large portion of the world.

The title of this piece is open to interpretation…
Bound To…tradition
Bound To…change
You get to decide.

All re-purposed books in this series are first steeped in beeswax to permeate the layers and encapsulate in wax. I believe this helps in the preservation.

Chiffon coated with white encaustic then distressed is fixed into place under the encaustic spine and wrapped thread. Some texts are apparent through the openings but yet not very legible.

The book is bound and wrapped with cotton thread also coated with encaustic. The thread weaves through the openings in the chiffon adding to the layers and depth of the piece.

© Kim Bruce- Bound To

The spine of Bound To was dipped into white encasutic several times with each layer fused with heat. The spine also have dressmaker hooks & eyes fixed into place with brass nails. I like the references of male (nails) and female (hooks & eyes) idioms, you’ll find that in much of my work.

© Kim Bruce- Bound To

Bound To… is a free standing encaustic sculpture. Artist signature and details are hand printed on the underside. Caring for this piece is simple dusting. Encasutic does not respond well to extreme fluctuations in temperature – Do not freeze or leave in a hot vehicle.