Can’t Touch


Can’t Touch
Encaustic, book pages, straight pins on board
10″w x 7″h x 2.25″d

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Can’t Touch

This piece references the inaccessibility of education especially for girls through out the world.

As in all work in this series this is demonstrated in this piece by the removal of the words from the book pages. I used a wood burning tool to literally burn the words from the page. I kept a few choice words legible as they relate to the topic at hand as you can see in this detail. Kim Bruce- Can't Touch, Encaustic, mixed media, 8.5"w x 7"h x 2"

A prevalent element that appears in a lot of my work is the central spine. All books has a spine and in this series the spine references the metaphor of having “backbone”. The spine of “Can’t Touch” is made up of hundreds of straight pins mounted through black foam-core and mounted into the hollow between the two leaves. It is this element that gave this piece it’s name.
Kim Bruce- Can't Touch, Encaustic, mixed media, 8.5"w x 7"h x 2"

The leaves are constructed from acid free matte which were curved up to meet the pins. Mounted to the matte are the book pages saturated with beeswax, which in turn are mounted onto an MDF (medium density fiberboard). I finished the edges with encaustic and oil to give the piece depth.

Can’t Touch is shipped ready to hang. Artist signature and details are hand printed on the back. Caring for this piece is simple dusting. Encaustic does not respond well to extreme fluctuations in temperature – Do not freeze or leave in a hot vehicle.