Zipper Up


Zipper Up
Encaustic medium & zipper on a book
4.5″h x 4.25″w x 2″d



Zipper Up

A lot of the work in the Jacket series play with the books as clothing. And after all is there anything cozier than curling up with a good book.  I play with the title too, when has your mom not told you to Zipper Up?

Kim Bruce – Zipper Up, Encaustic medium & zipper on a book, 4.5″h x 4.25″w x 2″d


This piece is shipped ready to hang and frame if desired. Artist signature and details are hand printed on the back. Caring for this piece is simple dusting. Encaustic does not respond well to extreme fluctuations in temperature – Do not freeze or leave in a hot vehicle.